Tapestry of the World

It has been near 2000 years since the Great Change when mortals nearly destroyed our world with their search for power. We were lucky to survive our own madness. There were many changes not the least of which was the birth of the races of dwarf, elf, halfling, and many others. Magic was also born to our world. Since that time, the Elves and the Druids have done much to restore and heal this land. That is especially true here in the North near the Lake Country.

Now the races once again face a crossroads. Evil again threatens our world. But instead of banding together, the races squabble amongst themselves. Each is seeking dominance over its neighbors. Individuals again seek power and attempt to use that power to subjugate all. And we watch. You waste precious time drinking and gossiping in a seedy tavern such as this.

Chaos erupted in the Inn as the old Bard finished his warning. Five strangers stood between his killers and the village locals. Now they are on the run, trying to survive and maybe prevent a war between the mortal races. Saving the world was not their goal, but they quickly learn that it is a short path to becoming heroes.

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