Tips For Functional Fabrics
Tips For Functional Fabrics
News Source: | Release Time:2020-06-10
First, it solves customers' various functional requirements at the level of fabric. These requirements include: anti - bacteria, anti - mite, anti - uv and so on. These fabrics are mainly used in outdoor clothing, maternal and child clothing, home textiles and other fabric fields. Let’s take a look at these functional fabrics.

Waterproof and breathable fabric which is also known as breathable fabric, is a PU coated or bonded fabric with waterproof, moisture permeability, wind resistance and thermal insulation properties. It can not only resist the invasion of rain and cold wind, but also let the human body sweat smell, sweat timely discharge. To keep the body dry and warm.

2. Visible fluorescent fabrics
Fluorescent fabric refers to the fabric with strong reflective effect after fluorescent dyeing or coating finishing. The use of fluorescent fabrics can make targets in extreme distance or in the dark get a strong reflection of light, so as to play a good warning and safety prevention role.

3. Antistatic and conductive fabric
Textiles (especially chemical fiber) are prone to generate static electricity due to friction during production, processing and use. Its electric charge attracts dust easily. Then causes the clothing entanglement and causes the human body uncomfortable feeling. High electrostatic voltages can also harm the human body. It can even cause things to catch fire or explode. Antistatic processing method mainly USES antistatic finishing agent, can be completed in the dyeing process. It can also be solved by adding antistatic additives in the coating. With the development of science and technology, carbon-containing composite organic conductive fiber (conductive filament) has been developed and interwoven with ordinary fiber to blend and effectively finish. This makes the fabric a durable conductor of electricity. This fabric is called conductive fabric.

4.Composite fabrics
Composite fabric is a high-grade functional fabric, which has the functions of windproof, heat preservation, friction resistance, high waterproof, high steam permeability and moisture permeability, acid and alkali resistance, etc. In particular, TPU and PTFE composite fabrics with waterproof and moisture permeability are more soft than ordinary waterproof and vapor permeable fabrics with strong peeling fastness and tear resistance. It is widely used in: mountaineering clothing, ski clothing, sailing clothing, golf clothing, military uniforms, police uniforms, field uniforms, etc.

5. UV resistant fabric
UV-resistant fabrics can effectively prevent UV radiation to the skin. When a beam containing ultraviolet rays hits the fabric, the fabric has a good effect of blocking ultraviolet rays. As a result, it blocks more than 95 percent of the ultraviolet light in the beam from the fabric. Thus effectively prevent the invasion of ultraviolet ray to human skin. The lower the UV transmittance of the fabric, the better the UV resistance.