All About Me


Major Ursa’s love of fantasy and science fiction began as a child lost in the worlds created by Andre Norton. Her characters were true heroes. They walked the paths of honor even when it came at a price. That lesson became a part of Ursa’s own life. Major Ursa made his first forays into fantasy gaming in 1980. Soon, he was creating worlds and adventures to entertain friends and family. The games became stories to entertain his children and grandchildren. Somewhere along the way, entertainment turned into teaching about honor and sacrifice and ways to persevere when things were hard. Now, the old bear is putting his favorite tales in print. The world needs heroes, even fictional ones, that are willing to put the needs of others before their own desires.

About the Pen Name

The origin of my pen name goes back to ancient history when I was a swimmer in high school. I picked up the nickname of "The Bear" for somewhat obvious reasons. Instead of being the jibe it was intended to be, it became a mark of pride. Over the years I grew to love my namesakes and would visit them in every zoo or national park I could. The constellation Ursa Major, aka the Great Bear, became one of my favorites. After high school, I attended the United States Air Force Academy. I served for 21 years after receiving my commission and retired with the rank of Major. Ursa Major and eventually Major Ursa became my on-line gaming name. When I decided to write my stories, it seemed only natural to write as Major Ursa. And so, Major Ursa began a new series of adventures in a realm unknown to him. He is looking for companions and hopes you will join him at Ursa Books.

Writing Style

I try to keep the writing level simple so that everyone of all ages can enjoy my stories. So you won't find any large, fancy words when simple daily use words will do. Typos happen, I'm blind. Sometimes they are on purpose, like when Shorty is speaking. Others are honest mistakes that several friends and editors failed to find. If you find one, let me know.

feather quill pen resting in ink well

Join My Journey

I would love to hear from you and how you feel after reading my stories. Do they excite you? Do you connect with them? Can you suggest ways to improve? Of course, if you love the book, rate and/or review the book so it can reach a larger audience.