The old Bard’s song came to an end, but his fingers continued to stroke the strings of the lute in his hands. The patrons of the Leaky Bucket fell silent as the Bart began to speak. “It has been nearly two thousand years since the Great Change when mortals nearly destroyed our world with their search for power. In their folly, the ancient mages of science sought the secrets of life and, in so doing, brought death to our world. There were many changes in that time of madness, not the least of which was the creation of the races of dwarf, elf, halfling, and many others. Magic was also born to our world. …” Not even the elves remember what really happened during the Great Change. The terrifying truth of that time was erased from the memories of the mortal races. But, it was preserved in the memories of the seven Teachers, mechanical owls crafted to guide mortals and protect the races from themselves. Their tale, hidden for millennia, begins here.